Why your smartwatch and wearable devices are the next big privacy nightmare

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Smartwatches and other wearables will be a must-have for personalised healthcare, but a privacy backlash could put an end to all that.

As wearable devices like smartwatches become more popular with consumers, and remote monitoring of patients using these devices becomes a standard part of healthcare in the next few years, we will have to answer some big questions around privacy and security.

Around $20bn a year will be spent on wearable devices, health trackers and remote patient-monitoring devices within five years, according to tech research company Juniper Research. Once you add in assistive hearables, or connected hearing aids made available by healthcare providers as well as directly to customers, the sector is expected to generate revenues of over $40bn by 2022.

The tech industry is relying on wearables to grow fast in the next few years. Tech companies made somewhere around 125 million smartwatches and other wearables last year — up 8.5 percent from 2017, according to calculations by tech analyst IDC, which predicts that around 190 million wearable devices will be sold in 2022, which means growth of about 13 percent a year, with smartwatches accounting for over half of all sales. The growth in wearables might seem modest but is far faster than PCs or smartphones, both of which are likely to struggle with weak growth over the next few years.

SOURCE: https://www.zdnet.com/article/smartwatch-data-collection-rush-raises-privacy-backlash-fears/

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3 Responses to “Why your smartwatch and wearable devices are the next big privacy nightmare”

  1. Daniel J Han

    Yes, the industry of smart watch/band will be growing much more. Also, most of christians know how the smart gear is highly similar with the mark of the beast. So, it could be nightmare. But this article does not contain the harmfulness of its usage. I just carefully ask you to present more specific result of using the smart watch and how much the technology for smart gear has developed so far. If you already commented about it, please tag its address. Thanks for sharing your studies. Your studies are very helpful to pray and to get ready for the coming of our Messiah.