Why Obama Admin Won’t Use ‘Islamic’ Term to Describe Terror Attacks

US Homeland Security chief recently revealed that the government tactically made the decision to call Islamist terror attacks “violent extremism,” avoiding the term “Islamic” or similar wording that would point to religious motivations in an effort to build bridges with the Muslim community.


Speaking at the Aspen Institute’s annual security forum in late July, US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, says that it’s “critical” to call such Islamic terror attacks “violent extremism” to “build trust” and “cooperation” with Muslims, according to Investor’s Business Daily.


Johnson was pressed by the moderator, who asked, “Isn’t government denying the fundamental religious component of this kind of extremism by not using the word Islamic?”


“I could not disagree more,” Johnson replied, stating that Islam “is about peace.”


Professor Ryan Mauro, national security analyst and adjunct professor of homeland security at The Clarion Project, a group that seeks to expose the danger of Islamic extremism, explained to The Christian Post the thinking of those who don’t want to connect religion to terrorist activity: “The argument is that if you call them Islamic terrorists, you are conceding that they are acting in accordance with Islam and furthering a dangerous perception in the Muslim world that the U.S. is at war with Islam. In the Middle East, Muslims and non-Muslims use terms like ‘Islamist’ and ‘Political Islam’ and the difference is understood.”


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