WATCH: Shapiro Gives Fiery, Unprecedented Assault On Abortion

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On Sunday, at the conclusion of the latest edition of The Ben Shapiro Election Special on the Fox News Network, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro used the last segment of the show to mount a powerful assault on abortion that was unlike any seen on a network news show before. Shapiro showed pictures from ultrasounds and illustrations of babies at various stages in utero to support his case, aware that when women see ultrasounds of the babies they are carrying, they are much less likely to consider having an abortion.

Shapiro began by citing the fact that the reason Democrats had launched their malignant attack on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court was that they viewed him as anti-abortion. He stated:

In all of the chaos regarding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we should remember one simple fact: if Kavanaugh were pro-choice, he would have been confirmed with 100 votes. He’s clearly not an advocate for abortion, but Democrats didn’t have the votes to stop him so instead, Democrats decided to slander him as a gang rapist. Remember, Democratic opposition to Kavanaugh started not with Christine Blasey Ford, but with women in Handmaid’s Tale outfits occupying the Senate confirmation hearing room, and pro-abortion protesters being dragged out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Shapiro segued to the campaign from abortion factory Planned Parenthood that targeted Kavanaugh:

It’s not a shock that Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of abortions per year, openly threatens senators in poetry: “Roses are red, violets are blue, Senators vote NO on #Kavanaugh, Or else we’re coming for you. #National Poetry Day #Stop Kavanaugh.”

Now that’s romance.


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9 Responses to “WATCH: Shapiro Gives Fiery, Unprecedented Assault On Abortion”

  1. Gracie R

    My sister always used to say, “We all have an appointment, to stand before our Creator God and give an account”. How will anyone who believes that abortion is “their right” stand before Him? What a terrible day that will be for them.

  2. Is it an impossible lack of self control or what is the problem that we are having so many helpless babies murdered before they can even enter the world! How many older people are there in our country that have had grandchildren murdered before they could even get into the world? How many of these people contributed to the murder of their grandchildren? I have only two grandchildren ad would die in their defense; are not all grandparents the same? Whether the daughter is married or not, does not make that baby any less our grandchild! Thank GOD, I do not have to think, what would my grandchild be like, if I had not forced/encouraged my daughter to “get rid of that baby boy or girl!!

  3. Myrtle Linder

    Thank GOD, we still have people in the government who will protect the lives of others, as in our unborn babies!

    I wonder what these fools, who are fighting for massive baby murder, think about the fact that they were not aborted, but were allowed to enter the world, alive!!! Would it be justice to be able to realize which baby would support abortion and abort that baby, before he/she ever got a chance to make a decision!! Would it be a plus to realize that every baby murdered goes back to it’s MAKER, GOD!!!

    Nobody, ever loved a baby more that I do and, I hate the fact that so many are murdered before they can lift a finger to defend themselves! How many of them are worldwide leader possibles, if allowed their right of life!!

  4. Myrtle Linder

    Murder of any person at any stage of life should be punished as a crime against life!!! Only GOD can give life, unfortunately, any fool can stop life and millions of perfectly innocents lives have been destroyed by heartless, two legged animals! Some have been punished with a guilty conscious but I believe that every baby which has been or will be denied life will be with JESUS CHRIST! Their parents will not go blameless, when they stand before GOD and be judged for the good and for the evil that they/we have committed! Not believing these facts will set us free of the task of answering to GOD! Not one of us will be so honored that we can get past GOD and HIS judgment!

  5. I am pro life and it is horrific to me when I hear that that a mother will have an abortion on a full term baby. Why would she do this when she can have someone adopt the baby? And why not practice birth control instead of killing her children?

  6. Liz Book

    Finally somebody understands what and who is behind the opposition of Brett Kavanaugh. But did anybody hear Senator Collins speech assuring planned parenthood that past supreme court judges were all conservative pro life judges but did not do anything to overturn Roe v. Wade! Assuring them they didntvhave anything to worry about!! I hope Kavanaugh is the one who will do something. I don’t know whether he can or not.

    • I am not 100% anti-abortion! I believe that every person that supports abortion should have been aborted, were it possible to decide how they woul turn out! Guess what! GOD knows at the moment of conception. what kind of person that child will be!!! Still, HE gives them the right to choose, good or evil!!!!