US raises prospect of Israel UN isolation

A year ago, these questions would have been near unthinkable.
Protecting Israel from critical resolutions at the Security Council has long been a central pillar of US Middle East policy.


But so rapid has been the deterioration of relations between the Obama administration and Netanyahu government that America’s protective shield is now up for discussion at the White House, as part of a broader review of US relations with Israel.


Rarely have the grievances between two such close allies been given such a public airing, or chronicled in such vivid and profane detail.


Obama and his aides have made no secret of their anger at Benjamin Netanyahu for accepting an invitation from the Republican leadership to address a joint session of Congress in the midst of his re-election campaign, and then using that pulpit to denounce the potential nuclear deal between Washington and Tehran.


Netanyahu’s voiced opposition to Palestinian statehood in the final days of the Israel election campaign injected more poison into relations.


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