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Greenblatt and US envoy Jared Kushner, who are heading the peace process, have both refrained from speaking of a “two-state solution.”

The United States is not considering a one-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, US special envoy Jason Greenblatt told PBS NewsHour in an interview aired on Thursday.

“Our plan does not contemplate one state,” he said. “I think if it did, we would have released it over two years ago. I am not sure that there are many people that think that one state is good for either side.”

Greenblatt spoke in theoretical terms about the political component of US President Donald Trump’s peace plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the publication of which was delayed in part due to the Israeli-elections.

The Palestinians and the international community are concerned that the plan does not include a Palestinian state. The Trump administration’s economic plan for the Palestinians, which it published in June, didn’t mention Palestinian statehood.

Greenblatt and US envoy Jared Kushner, who are heading the peace process, have both refrained from speaking of a “two-state solution.”

MORE: https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/US-not-weighing-one-state-fix-to-Israel-Palestinian-conflict-Greenblatt-says-596196

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  1. Many good comments already, mainly that the U.S. MUST not be a party to dividing Israel. Since Jordan was originally designated as the “Palestinian” place, how messed up is it that they are now saying they have to have Israel’s land as well?

  2. Scrap all peace plan talk nonsense. Muslims will never have their peace until the USA & Israel are obliterated. They say it, why should we not believe it. There is a solution however. Anytime Israel is attacked, the offending area should be swept clean and then handed over to Israel. It may take a while, but eventually there would be peace in the middle east, um Israel.

  3. It is a fools errand to think there can be a solution which involves creating a Palestinian state inside Israel. Deportation is the only real solution. However that is not an option because the surrounding Arab countries refuse to repatriate their own people. The problem only get worse over time as the Palestinian population grows. It is the work of the devil.

  4. Robert- Australia

    I don’t think the U.S will be able to produce a satisfactory peace plan which also allows the Jews to re-build their temple on the temple mount.
    It seems as if the whole deal will fall through and maybe eventually hand balled over to the EU to sort out.

    Thoughts and comments please…

    • Dr. Olorunsogo

      The struggle continues. It’s neither here nor there. God’s project cannot be accomplished by human methods or/and and timing. No matter how well man may try. The Israel/Palestinian issue will be resolved by God miraculously. God owns the time. No sentiments. God is faithful. He’s never too late or too early. Shalom!

  5. Palestinians DONT WANT ANY SOLUTION that doesn’t GIVE them JERUSALEM as their capitol.They want ISRAEL destroyed I can’t see this so called peace plan working I like many others support ISRAEL plus to be honest there is no such race as Palestinians these people came from the trans Jordanian region or the pan ARABIAN areas of middle east so I don’t see them as deserving a state .


      Development is divine. If solution is humanly attainable , Muslims nations arround Palestinian should surrender potions of their lands for Palestine and jointly develop the area

        • Noelline Houareau

          The so called palestians come from diferent arab land and neighbouring places and now they want a share in the tiny country, they have no right to claim anything as they are invaders,when you see enemies surrounding the holy land know that the end is not far off.Pray for the nation of Israel surrounded by too many enemies who want total annilation of God s people.