US: Golan Heights are not part of Israel

“Every administration on both sides of the aisle since 1967 has maintained that those territories are not part of Israel,” US State Department Spokesman John Kirby told reporters.


Kirby went on to say that the conditions under which the Golan Heights should be returned must be decided through negotiations between the respective parties. “And obviously, the current situation in Syria makes it difficult to continue those efforts at this time,” Kirby said.


Meanwhile, US Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged “overwhelming frustration” with the Israeli government and said the systemic expansion of Jewish settlements was moving Israel toward a dangerous “one-state reality” and in the wrong direction.


Addressing J Street’s annual gala, Biden said despite disagreements with Israel over settlements or the Iran nuclear deal, the United States had an obligation to push Israel toward a two-state solution to end the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.


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