US Expects Israeli Pledge to Two-States

US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman had a harsh message for American Jewish leaders on Monday.


Sherman warned them that if the new Israeli government does not demonstrate a strong commitment to the two-state solution, the US will have trouble assisting it in efforts to halt international initiatives at the United Nations.


Speaking at a conference of the Reform Movement in the United States, Sherman insisted the US government has “always had Israel’s back in the international arena, even when it meant standing alone. This will continue to be the case.”


But, she continued, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s actions prior to elections “raised questions about his commitment to the two-state solution.”


Sherman refers to a series of interviews the Prime Minister gave days before general elections on March 17, in which he vowed not to establish a Palestinian state. Netanyahu later backtracked on his statements.


“We will be watching very closely to see what happens on this [Palestinian] issue after the new government is formed,” Sherman added.


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