UK Labour opposition seeks softer version of Brexit

LONDON — Britain’s main opposition party said Monday that it wants the U.K. to remain in a customs union with the European Union after it leaves the bloc — a small but significant shift that could push the government toward a softer version of Brexit.


Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn clarified his party’s previously convoluted position on Brexit, saying the U.K. must retain close economic ties with the EU, including a tariff-free customs deal. That is something Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government appears to have ruled out.


“Labour would seek to negotiate a new, comprehensive U.K.-EU customs union to ensure there are no tariffs with Europe and to help avoid any need whatsoever for a hard border in Northern Ireland,” Corbyn said in a speech.


The future of the currently invisible border between Northern Ireland, which is in the U.K., and EU member Ireland is one of the thorniest issues in Brexit negotiations.

Source: UK Labour opposition seeks softer version of Brexit – The Washington Post

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