U.S. military can’t do churches … but ‘gay’ parades OK?

In the federal government’s latest crackdown on faith-based organizations having anything to do with the United States military, many children were disappointed when the soldiers they were looking forward to honoring were told they couldn’t step foot inside their church.


After planning to be saluted by boys and girls at Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri, members of the Missouri National Guard were soon forced to cancel their visit in accordance with federal policy, which reportedly forbids members of the military from associating with churches in order to avoid the appearance of sponsoring such faith-based organizations.


This is not a rare occurrence when it comes to Christianity and the military.


“Whether it’s erasing a Bible verse on a white board or the banning of pocket-sized Gideon Bibles from an Air Force base, our military service members, under the Obama administration, have experienced an unprecedented rise in the suppression of their religious speech,” said Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. “Members of the Missouri National Guard are now finding out that even associating with church members is enough to trigger a secularist clampdown.”


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