U.S. City Declares Itself A ‘Sanctuary City For The Unborn’

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Members of the Roswell, New Mexico City Council voted Thursday to make their jurisdiction a de facto “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

“The City Council of Roswell, New Mexico passed a resolution Thursday declaring its jurisdiction to be in support of ‘fetal life,’ something local pro-life activists say makes Roswell a ‘sanctuary city for the unborn,'” reported LifeSiteNews. “In a seven-to-one vote, with one council member abstaining, the City Council passed Resolution 19-28, which declares ‘that innocent human life, including fetal life, must always be protected and that Society must protect those who cannot protect themselves.’”

The resolution expressly “honors the rights of healthcare providers to object on moral grounds to performing abortions and opposes any regulation or law seeking to violate that right.”

MORE: https://www.dailywire.com/news/44786/us-town-declares-itself-sanctuary-city-unborn-amanda-prestigiacomo

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