Two secret churches in North Korea show how powerful the Bible really is

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In the early morning light, a small group of North Korean believers meets on the riverbank, lugging their fishing gear with them.

Quietly, they load into a small boat and push off from land. It’s not until they’re far into the middle of the river that they dare to dig through their gear and pull out their Bibles.

This is the only place where they feel safe enough to worship together and study God’s Word. And even then, they are constantly on alert.

If they are caught reading the Bible, they could immediately be sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp – or worse. They’ve heard the stories of what happens to people who are heard speaking the name of Jesus. Many of them have family members and friends who are living in the camps now … or have been buried there.

That’s why when another boat approaches, they panic and scramble to hide their Bibles. “It’s the police!” someone shouts.

Only after the man in the boat greets them in the name of Jesus and tells them he has a gift for them do they start to calm down. He asks to see their Bibles, and the believers who own one hand them to him.

There are only a few Bibles among the church members – not nearly enough for everyone. And each copy is practically falling apart. After years of being carefully studied and then hidden over and over again, the bindings have come loose and pages are beginning to slip out. Many of the Bibles have water damage from these early morning meetings on the boat. But they are still these Christians’ prized possessions … they risk their lives for these Bibles.


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6 Responses to “Two secret churches in North Korea show how powerful the Bible really is”

  1. Sad to see that the Word of God is so little quoted in the replies by many of your followers, ETM.
    Apparently it no longer interests many people.
    By cons, domestic politics and partisan views abound.
    What the Lord can think of all that according to you?

  2. Let us take heed to ourselves for the present and future coming trials .
    God knows everything about us.Let us not deceive ourselves.

    Matt 3:8 …Produce therefore fruit worthy of repentance.
    :9 And do not think to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for [our] father..;

    John14:23…, If any one love me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our abode with him.

    As these NK disciples and brothers are doing.

  3. Rev 2:9 I know thy tribulation and thy poverty; but thou art rich;
    :13 I know where thou dwellest, where the throne of Satan [is];

    If we are esteemed faithful to enter the Kingdom
    we can expect to suffer from men sooner or later.

    2 Thess 1:4 …. your endurance and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations, which ye are sustaining;
    1:5 a manifest token of the righteous judgment of God, to the end that ye should be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for the sake of which ye also suffer;

  4. George Te Kani

    Praise God for these frontline believers. Here in the west some people listen politely and others say it’s not for them and it’s almost as if we’re at a disadvantage because we’re not at the cutting edge. I’m not complaining but i’m sure God who works all things for our good, has got our best interests at heart and in these changing times our position could be reversed.