Trump peace plan reportedly stalled in consideration of Israel elections

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The White House will reportedly place its long-awaited “deal of the century” peace plan for the Middle East on hold in light of upcoming Israeli elections. Israel’s Channel 2 News reported on Monday that the Trump Administration’s proposal, set to be unveiled early 2019, may be delayed due to Israel’s current political events.

Earlier on Monday, Israel’s governing coalition voted unanimously to dissolve parliament (the Knesset) and call for snap elections. The coalition said in a statement that elections would be held April 9 of next year, about seven months before the original date.

A senior US official told local media agencies that Israel’s early elections are “one of many factors we are considering in evaluating the timing of the release of the peace plan.” Though the details of the plan have yet to be divulged to the public, US Ambassador to Israel Jason Greenblatt previously stated that “neither side” will see all of their demands fulfilled.


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13 Responses to “Trump peace plan reportedly stalled in consideration of Israel elections”

  1. Kathryn Wiley

    You know the route The Testament. God has shown us through Christ. And following in his steps. This piece trees Union is only going to make. The Beast reveal himself. I as a Christian it may not be full quote. But remind ourselves do not be worried shaken or stirred. For this has to come. Everything that is written has to come true. That’s what I hold on to I don’t trust humans I do trust The Souls of humans as long. As my spirit seeds Jesus’s work at hand. These are one of the main seasons of the end. The building of the new Temple Israel becoming their own Nation. Peace agreement through all nations. But most of all the two witnesses. When you see all that yeah I know Jesus is on his way. I know this is comment that’s a little long but I just feel it in my soul. We all have a role but we cannot do it alone. We need the guidance of God and our commanding officer Jesus. I Feel Jesus is not far. It’s just on the outskirts of our universe waiting for the god to blow the last trumpet. And would you people the ones that keep trying to predict this is doomsday this is the day Christ will come back. Go back to Bible study or find a partner that will show you that. Jesus quoted when asked when will you come back when will be the end. Only the father knows the hour and the day. I’m his son and even I don’t know I just have to be ready. No that’s not word for word I don’t think I’m adding anything that’s just my layman term of how I can remember. Good luck I hope someone reads this and it helps them. God bless you all Elijah I’ll be waiting at the celebration of Jesus and the new Israel,, your sister in Christ Kathryn


    I pray Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stays in office by a landslide of Israeli votes. I pray God keeps him in office until the end of the endtimes. I pray President Donald Trump stands with Israel forever and does God’s will so He will continue to bless America and Israel forever.

  3. Thank God President Trump plans to delay revealing the peace plan! I believe someone will come forth with a plan, since scripture predicts Israel will sign a peace plan, which will start the tribulation, but I hope and pray America is not the one to deceive Israel.

  4. Jessica Espinoza

    Adding up the years that Adam to Enoch lived until he was taken by God is 5789. On the Jewish calendar, we are in 5779 now. That gives us 10 years til God comes for his church, if he meant that as a foreshadow. If the red heifer was born in 2018, and it has to be 3 years to sacrifice, that means it could purify just in time to start the final 7 years in 2021. Trump being re-elected to protect Israel til 2024. Lord coming back Feast of Trumpets (not knowing the day or hour the new moon happens) year 5789/2028. Just food for thought. God bless.