Trump making history by seeking changes to Iran deal

Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz says that President Trump’s hard-line approach to Iran and the nuclear agreement signed by his predecessor is “historic” and “dramatic.”


Katz — who has ambitions to become Israel’s next prime minister — compared the landmark nuclear accord reached in 2015 between Iran and world powers to a modern-day equivalent of the infamous Munich Agreement in 1938. In that pact, Allied nations tried to avoid war by acknowledging Nazi Germany’s annexation of part of what was then Czechoslovakia — a prelude to other invasions that touched off World War II.


“The threat from Iran is serious. I compare the nuclear deal to the Munich Agreement. I am not saying that Trump is like [former British prime minister] Winston Churchill, but I believe if Churchill had had the chance to cancel or change the agreement [Churchill’s predecessor Neville] Chamberlain reached with Hitler, then we might have prevented what happened after that,” Katz said.


On Friday, even as Trump called on Congress to set new conditions for the nuclear deal with Iran, the leaders of Britain, France and Germany urged the United States to stick with the agreement, hailing it as the culmination of 13 years of diplomacy. Iran said it would not consider any amendments.


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