Trump briefing: War games will stop, sanctions remain

US president Donald Trump in a long briefing to the media in Singapore Tuesday, June 12, lavished praise on Chairman Kim Jong-un for their “honest, direct and productive” first meeting and “his dedication to his people and real change. He said he was sure that Kim, who was on his way home to Pyongyang, would vigorously start the process, to which he had “committed unwaveringly of comprehensive denuclearization,” as soon as he touched down. North Korea was already destroying its engine testing site. “That’s a big thing,” he said. Today is the beginning of a long and arduous process, which should have been resolved a long time ago, but we go into it with our eyes wide open,” Trump said. “Sanctions will come off when we are sure the nuclear issue is no longer a factor. ”On the other hand, the “war games” would be halted, both because they were very expensive and also provocative.”Other points the US President made in his briefing in answer to questions:National security adviser John Bolton will soon lead a team to Pyongyang to take part in the dismantling of North Korea’s program.Verification of nuclear dismantlement? “We’ll have a lot of people working there and it will be verified,” he said without offering details.The bloody Korean conflict has never ended until this day. I hope it will soon end. A peace treaty? “At the appropriate time.”


Source: Trump briefing: War games will stop, sanctions remain – DEBKAfile

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