‘The UN Has Never Been Honest’

The UN’s condemnation of the IDF’s conduct in Operation Protective Edge surprises no one, Jewish Home chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett commented Friday.


“The UN has never been honest,” he said, during an interview with Army Radio. “The world will always come to us with complaints, and we need to focus on keeping ourselves safe.”


“I was a political-security cabinet minister during Protective Edge, so I know how much we sacrificed in favor of not endangering human life – and sometimes excessively, to the point where it endangered our lives,” he said.


According to him, there is no more humane army that the IDF,  and sometimes there is a tendency to forget that the terrorists have chosen to fire rockets at children from schools in Gaza.


“They are war crimes – all the damage to Gaza is Hamas’s fault,” added Bennett.


Bennett’s comments surface after a particularly virulent condemnation from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.


“This is a dark day for the United Nations,” Netanyahu said. “Instead of mentioning the fact that Hamas turned Gaza’s children into hostages when it fired from kindergartens on the children of Israel, the UN chooses again to preach to Israel, which makes sure to act according to international standards, as determined by just this week by senior generals from the United States and Europe.”


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