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With all the news pointing towards WW3 and the confirmation of the covenant we know that we are approaching the time of the tribulation. During this time Satan will have the Antichrist and the False Prophet doing his work but God is not just going to be on the sideline. God will send His two witnesses to minister during the coming tribulation. What will they be able to do? Where will they be from? Who will be the two witnesses? Revelation 11:3-12 as well as other scriptures help us to answer these questions. Let’s see what we can learn about the Two Witnesses.

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One Response to “The Two Witnesses | Prophecy in the News”

  1. Colin Saxton

    I would like to give an interpretation which I came to believe a long time ago. When I did a search for this I found that there are a small number of people who also believe this. I believe the two witnesses (who are two olive trees that are also two candlesticks) are born again believers who are the true Israel of God….meaning his end time church – both Jew and Gentile…The Jews being the natural olive and the gentiles being the wild olive grafted into Israel. I came to believe this just by reading my bible. When I came to this revelation then I looked about to see who else came to this conclusion and there are a number of people who do believe this. A rapture event also happens in Rev 11 – when the Lord calls up the two witnesses “come up here” they stand on their feet and the whole world is in fear – the ascend up into the clouds – and also the last trumpet is blown (but begins to sound in Revelation 10)…Again – this isn’t a salvation issue but I believe that if we compare scripture it points to the end time church which goes through tribulation empowered by God to stand in the last days to fulfill the final preaching of the Gospel and to turn to the Lord – The true later rain that falls just before the harvest. Every blessing. Amen