The Future of Credit-Card ID Verification

September 29, 2018   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

As companies change how they verify identities, Europe offers a glimpse of what’s to come

Credit-card companies, banks and vendors are changing how they verify consumers’ identities. Passwords and PINs could become less important. Biometric analysis could become the norm.

The proving ground for the latest in payment technology is Europe, where a new law could encourage greater use of biometrics in a bid to reduce burgeoning payment fraud.


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One Response to “The Future of Credit-Card ID Verification”

  1. It is estimated that what happens in the USA happens in Europe ten years later.
    Which is true for your evangelical literature (and not always the best ..) translated in my country.
    As a result, I am not sure that Europe is a forerunner in terms of electronic payment compared to the US. But this deduction may be false. If it does, please excuse me ETM.