Syrian army, Hezbollah advancing in border area against jihadists

The Syrian Army, along with allied Hezbollah, took over additional territory on Tuesday in continuing clashes in the Qalamoun border region along the Lebanese-Syrian border, as al-Qaida’s Nusra Front promised to “eradicate” Islamic State.
Al-Qaida’s Nusra Front and other allied groups in the Qalamoun region had been clashing with the fellow jihadi group, the Lebanese Daily Star reported.
The Twitter accounts of Nusra Front and the Army of Conquest, a coalition of Sunni jihadi groups led by the al-Qaida affiliate, declared their intention to destroy Islamic State.
“A decision has been made by the working factions to eradicate this corruptive group, because there is no longer any other option, and Allah be the helper,” the statement said according to the report. The statement claimed that Islamic State’s killing of jihadi leaders was a main reason leading to the decision.
Over the past 24 hours the Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters regained control of Syria’s Barouh mountain, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported.


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