Scottish parliament discusses recognition of Palestinian state

The motion, proposed by Glasgow MP Sandra White, stated that the parliament “believes that the recognition of the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel based on 1967 borders could be a stimulus to securing a negotiated two-state solution in the Middle East and notes the opinion of many Israelis and Palestinians living in Glasgow, the rest of Scotland and beyond that resolution through peaceful means is the only option.”


Usually, members’ debates in the Scottish parliament last for about 30 minutes and feature a handful of speakers. But due to the uncharacteristically large number of MPs who wanted to speak, the session was extended to last for a full hour.


“The only way to achieve a lasting peace is to recognize a Palestinian state alongside an Israeli one,” White, from the Scottish National Party, said in her speech introducing the motion. “Let’s be clear: the time is now. The time is not tomorrow or at some vague point in the future.” Recognizing Palestine at the present time would be a “huge stimulus for peace efforts,” she added.


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