Russia must halt sale of S-300 to Iran

Russia must halt its planned delivery of the S-300 air-defense system to Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, as he continued to assert that Israel has the right to defend itself against Tehran.


“Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend the security of the state and its citizens,” Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting.


“Yesterday we saw the military parade in Tehran and Iran’s exhibition of weapons to the world,” Netanyahu said.


“Every year the missiles are bigger and enhanced – in accuracy, strength and deadliness.


However, one thing does not change. What does not change is the inscription ‘Death to Israel’ on the missiles.”


Six world powers – the US, Russia, China, France, Great Britain, and Germany – will resume negotiations in Vienna this week to hammer out the details of a framework agreement with Tehran to curb its nuclear program. They hope to finalize the deal by the end of June.


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