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October 15, 2012   |   Category: Prophecy News   |  

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  1. Steven Terrell

    I don’t see how Trump could confirm the covenant with Israel, because it has to be made by the Beast of Revelation 17:12-13. Assuming the Beast comes to ‘power by the ten nations giving him their power and authority, which is believed to be the EU consisting of ten nations. December 31. 1992 ten nations of the EU signed the Maastricht Treaty. England and Denmark opted out of the treaty at that time leaving the ten to sign the treaty.Even though other nations have joined the EU in the meantime, the ten that signed the treaty are,I believe, the prophetic ten. Daniel 7:8 says the Beast uproots three of the first horns implying that there are other nations that have joined the ten original at a later date. As you know, Trump has no connection to ten nations giving him their power and authority. I had thought Jacques Delors former president of the EU Commission was the man Scripture calls the Beast. Seemingly, that was a wrong guess, however he is still alive and active in the EU.