Prager Hammers American Left for Move to Socialism — ‘It Depends on Capitalism to Even Exist’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” conservative talker Dennis Prager explained to host Jeanine Pirro some of the many flaws of socialism, a policy adopted by many of those representing the modern Democratic Party.

According to Prager, without capitalism, socialism wouldn’t even exist.

It is an economic failure,” Prager explained. “And here is a simple reason: Only, and that’s key, only capitalism creates wealth. No other economic way of life, system, philosophy, has ever created wealth. Socialism spends the money that capitalism creates. No one can deny that. Even leftists can’t deny that. They will say it’s the moral thing to do to then, to spend money capitalism creates because there’s income inequality and all the things they object to. But they cannot deny that it itself makes no money. So, it depends on capitalism to even exist.

Another flaw Prager highlighted was how socialism restricted freedom due to the growth of government.