Pope Francis Urges World Leaders to ‘Hear the Cry of the Earth’

In a joint statement with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew for the World Day of Prayer for Creation, the Pope decries mankind’s “propensity to interrupt the world’s delicate and balanced ecosystems,” along with our insatiable desire to manipulate and control the planet’s limited resources, and our greed for limitless profit in markets.”

The history of the world “reveals a morally decaying scenario where our attitude and behaviour towards creation obscures our calling as God’s co-operators,” the two prelates declare, and as a result humans have become “alienated” from the original purpose of creation.

“We no longer respect nature as a shared gift; instead, we regard it as a private possession. We no longer associate with nature in order to sustain it; instead, we lord over it to support our own constructs,” they state.

In their dour assessment of the state of the world, the two men paint a picture of degradation and moral turpitude.

The modern worldview that views creation as a mere resource for the benefit of human beings has “tragic and lasting” consequences, the declaration states. “The human environment and the natural environment are deteriorating together, and this deterioration of the planet weighs upon the most vulnerable of its people.”

The faith leaders also point to “climate change” as the source of many of the ecological woes afflicting the planet.


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