Parliament OKs law barring Brexit without deal

April 13, 2019   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

Britain’s Parliament has passed a law designed to ensure the country does not leave the European Union without a divorce deal. The legislation received final approval from the House of Lords and House of Commons late Monday.

It compels the government to ask the EU to delay Brexit, which is currently due to take place Friday. Prime Minister Theresa May has already committed to doing that, but many lawmakers don’t trust the government and want an insurance policy.

On Tuesday, Parliament will debate how long an extension to seek. May wants to delay Brexit only until June 30. The country could still crash out of the EU without a deal if the bloc’s leaders refuse to grant a delay.

Britain voted to leave the EU almost three years ago, but the complex political process for doing so has become deadlocked.


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One Response to “Parliament OKs law barring Brexit without deal”

  1. The Holy Roman Empire has been in existence since the fall of Rome the Pope took over the reigns Pontiff Maximus (Emperor).

    Today the EU is the Gov’t/Military. The Pope wants to be seen religious/pius.

    God Bless