PA: Israel has no authority on Temple Mount

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PA official in charge of Jerusalem affairs dismisses Israeli court’s decision ordering the closure of the Golden Gate on the Temple Mount.

Adnan al-Husayni, the Palestinian Authority (PA) official in charge of Jerusalem affairs, on Sunday described the Israeli court’s decision ordering the closure of the Golden Gate on the Temple Mount “void, invalid and worthless.”

In a statement, Husayni said in response to the court’s decision that non-Muslims have no authority to make decisions regarding the Temple Mount, and that only the Waqf has this authority.

“The decision was made as part of the election campaign in Israel and within the framework of the aspirations of extremist Israeli elements in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and therefore it carries many dangers,” he wrote. “The Al-Aqsa Mosque and its area of ​​144 dunams belongs exclusively to Muslims, and an Israeli law or court have no authority over it.”


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3 Responses to “PA: Israel has no authority on Temple Mount”

  1. James Hyde

    Dear Brother Baxter,

    One need not visit Jerusalem in person in ordern to see it. As you know, there are a million photos and nearly as many videos of the place, along with the usual commentary. Therefore, we need not depend upon the scholarship of others, but we may form our opinions based upon what we ourselves can see.

    For example, I recommend that everyone should take a virtual tour of Ammunition Hill. What are those trenches all about? They look more like animal chutes to me. As though someone were processing large herds of sheep and goats for sacrifice.

    And why would anyone refer to the Haram as a Mount of any kind? Anyone can see that the land is higher on three sides.

    All this, and our good eyesight, will lead us to the conclusion that the true Temple Mount is Ammunition Hill. But then, what is this immense pavement a mile to the south, that we are all obsessed with? It is the work of Constantine the Great, built to establish the cave beneath the Dome (added much later) as the tomb of Christ.

    The Jews have no interest, nor do the Moslems, in this old graveyard. It is a marvellous irony that they are prepared to fight and kill one another for the right to pray at the spot where our Lord woke up on that fine morning two thousand years ago.