PA hopes Obama wont veto UN resolution

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is hoping that the United States will not veto its UN resolution condemning Israeli “settlements” with President Barack Obama in his last months in office. Speaking to The Associated Press (AP) on Sunday, PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki said the hope is that Obama, freed of re-election concerns, will break with American protocol and refrain from vetoing the resolution.”There are indications that President Barack Obama may try to put a basis for a new era regarding the Palestinian-Israeli issue before leaving the White House after his achievements in Iran and Cuba,” Malki told the news agency.”Thus the U.S. administration may surprise Israel by voting in favor of a Palestinian resolution or at least not to use the veto against it,” he added.The draft, which Malki said stresses the “violence and terrorism of the settlers,” still needs approval from Arab nations before the Palestinians would consider presenting it. But the move signals a renewed effort to get back on the agenda.


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