Obama’s Iran approach is ‘absurd’

A former Clinton administration official calls the Obama administration approach to Iran “absurd” and believes the American people are being misled on the framework of a deal, but he insists a Hillary Clinton presidency would chart a much different course on the threat of a nuclear Iran.


In the days since an announced framework for a nuclear deal, Iranian officials have worked nonstop to declare the U.S. appraisal of the deal a lie. Iran has disputed such key issues as when the sanctions would end, how many centrifuges would be allowed to keep spinning and even where enriched uranium would be stored.


Is one side actually telling the truth, or are both governments actively spinning the details of the framework to win over their own people?


“I suspect it’s more of the latter. Let’s keep in mind that we’re talking about a framework as opposed to a deal itself. Both sides put off very crucial questions,” said Larry Haas, who served as communications director to then-Vice President Al Gore.


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