Obama’s coming caliphate crusade in North America

The term first passed his lips five days before his 2008 election as president.  The acts making the term a frightening reality have followed ever since.


The Fundamental Transformation of America is really the tearing apart and utter destruction of America and all for which she has stood for 239 years.


But at the out-start, Obama could hardly say “I’m here to take down your country and hand it over to my brothers in the Islamic State.”


That would have opened the battle lines and he wanted to take us by surprise.


Almost everything Obama has done since announcing his plan has been to weaken America and get her ready for a white flag state of fatigue before the jihadists arrive.


The understandable tumult that follows his opening the borders to aliens from all countries;  the Marxist takeover of America’s world-sought health care; the deliberate fomenting of   racial discord;  the denial of Islamic terrorism, but particularly the gutting of the U.S. military,  is painstaking preparation for the coming jihadist takeover.


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