Obama, Xi to Sign UN Global Warming Pact on Earth Day

With Earth Day as a backdrop and a propaganda pretext, President Obama will join Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on April 22, in signing the Paris climate change accord that emerged from the United Nations summit in Paris last December. The Paris pact has been heralded as a major breakthrough in “saving the planet” from the fictitious threat of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming, or AGW.


The Obama-Xi “partnership” is credited with providing the impetus for finalizing the draconian global deal that will penalize the world’s poor, impoverish the United States, and reward Wall Street “carbon investors” and tyrannical regimes — while having zero impact on the planet’s climate. (See our extensive coverage — articles, interviews, and video reports — of the 2015 UN Paris conference here.)


Unlike “President” Xi and other dictators who will be signing the UN agreement, President Obama does not enjoy their autocratic powers to enact the treaty by executive decree— even though he has become accustomed to acting as if he already does possess that authority. He knows that even with all of the establishment media support thus far, and with the additional propaganda to be gained from the Earth Day signing, there is still a major roadblock to final adoption: the U.S. Senate. According to our U.S. Constitution (which Obama has taken an oath to uphold), the Senate must ratify all treaties — and there is little likelihood that the Senate will vote in favor of the Paris monstrosity anytime soon.


Moreover, once the American public becomes aware of the horrendous price tag associated with this UN plan to shackle the planet, it is even likely there will be an re-energized movement to kick the United Nations out of the United States.


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