Obama: Nuke Deal Means Iran Can’t Build Bomb

Barack Obama has said a landmark nuclear deal has “cut off every single path Iran could use to build a bomb”.


Speaking from the White House, the US President explained how 98% of Tehran’s stockpile of enriched uranium had been shipped out of Iran – “meaning they do not have enough material for even one bomb”.


Meanwhile, a new reactor which was capable of producing plutonium is now useless after its core was filled with concrete.


Mr Obama said all of this, coupled with the fact that inspectors now have complete access to Iran’s facilities, means the world will know if the country attempts to renege on the historic agreement signed in Vienna on Saturday.


Despite the diplomatic breakthrough, which also led to the release of four Americans from Iranian prisons, the President said some fresh penalties will be enforced on individuals and organisations involved in Iran’s ballistic missile programme.


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