Obama: Israel Responsible for Talks Failing

May 19, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

U.S. President Barack Obama sees Israel as being responsible for the failure of the recent peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to a senior official in Washington who was quoted by the New York Times on Friday.


The unnamed official told the newspaper that the president believes that Israel’s announcements of new construction in Judea and Samaria were to blame for the failure.


“At every juncture, there was a settlement announcement,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. “It was the thing that kept throwing a wrench in the gears.”


The official said that Obama has now decided to take a conspicuous breather from the Middle East peace process, in order “to let the failure of the talks sink in for both parties, and see if that causes them to…


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