North Korea fires anti-ship missiles, says South Korea

North Korea has fired several anti-ship cruise missiles off its east coast, South Korea’s military says.
Authorities said the weapons, launched on Thursday morning near the city of Wonsan, appeared to be short-range “surface-to-ship” missiles.
They flew about 200km (125 miles) before landing in the water.
Repeated ballistic missile tests by the North this year – not all successful but all a breach of UN sanctions – have sparked international alarm.
Experts fear the tests indicate progress towards Pyongyang’s ultimate goal of putting a nuclear warhead on a missile.
It is unclear whether the latest firing violates the UN Security Council’s resolutions against North Korea.
The resolution issued on 2 June specifically bans Pyongyang from nuclear activity and ballistic missiles, but also bans launches of “any other provocation” and “any other existing weapons of mass destruction”.


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