Muslims and Christians come together to make campuses a “greener” place

CHICAGO — The inaugural Interfaith Dialogue and Entrepreneurial Activity (IDEA) Generators Conference wrapped up Monday after three days of ideating, developing, and pitching projects designed to address environmental sustainability in North America college campuses and campus communities through an interfaith partnership. The event brought together 32 students, professors, and professionals from across the United States and beyond, to design projects that focus on “creation care,” a shared tenet of both Islam and Christianity. Each team was comprised of Muslims and Christians, men and women, students and professionals — all of whom worked energetically throughout the holiday weekend.


Kurt Berends, President of the Issachar Fund, and trustee of The IDEA Fund–the two organizations that sponsored this event–said, “We believe that interfaith dialogue, rooted in meaningful relationships that are geared toward cooperative action on important social issues, is a key strategy in fostering empathy and mitigating global hostility. Where there is empathy and action, there is peace.”


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