Mega-pastor says there’s little ‘grace’ in Judaism

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Mega-pastor Andy Stanley, who boasts one of the largest congregations in America, famously advocating dumping the Old Testament, calling it “outdated and obsolete,” then said the Ten Commandments were no longer applicable, then smeared the God of the Jews and now explains that he sees little “grace” in the Hebrew Bible.

The comments in his sermons, in interviews and in his latest book, “Irresistible,” are prompting more and more criticism from within Christianity on nearly a daily basis.


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8 Responses to “Mega-pastor says there’s little ‘grace’ in Judaism”

  1. Sam Wenger

    Psalms Chapter 83 Several years ago when Hezbollah attacked Israel a early Medieval Psalm book was found in Ireland in the ground opened to this Psalm! A legion of anti Zionists scrambled to undue the miracle by a convoluted “double speak” argument saying in the period when this was lost Psalm 83 was really another Psalm! Even IF that was true the fact is today it means exactly what it said when it was found when it was found Psalm 83 Baruch Hashem

  2. I believe that Judaism and the Hebrew Bible should not be confused. The first adds many aberrant traditions and interpretations of “sages” to the second. For me, Judaism is what Catholicism is to the Bible: a religion, an enslavement. Paul says in Galatians and Hebrews: servitude. No peace with God, nor assurance of salvation.
    You must deserve to be blessed. I have listened to rabbis of my country: completely misguided and they do not like Christians or Jesus, make fun of the New Testament and unconsciously despise the “goyim”.

    But grace is not absent from the Hebrew Bible and especially towards individuals, even non-Jews. Every child of God finds it by reading the old covenant.

  3. Andy Stanley is ‘cuckoos’ – no longer ‘cool’ and totally out of touch. The Holy Bible is Absolutely The Inspired Word of God and Jesus Is The Only Way!!! Perhaps he’ll be turning to the Quran next as a guideline for his mega-preaching.

  4. Jeffrey Rogers

    I pray tbat God leads his people away from this heretic! This man needs to lose his Church and they need a Pastor who believes in and follows The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

    • Insanity is alive and well, but think, the WORD OF GOD tells us about these antichrists in the last days, but I cannot help to wonder what kind of church this is, Satanic??! Surely, JESUS will come soon, to take care of HIS people, who will be persecuted, in many places, already, until HE comes, cleans up and gives us a new heaven and a new earth! These fools cannot stop HIM from HIS WORKS, no matter how confident, they are in their own wisdom!!!

    • I would avoid saying that.
      Rather, if it’s possible, have this ministry there for this pastor:

      2 tim 2:25 in meekness setting right those who oppose, if God perhaps may sometime give them
      repentance to acknowledgment of [the] truth,
      :26 and that they may awake up out of the snare of the devil, [who are] taken by him, for *his* will.