Markey Introduces Hate Speech Report Bill

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  1. Well the Bible says the Mother Whore will ride the scarlet beast. So the Vatican and China/Communisim. Maybe Russia too. Though we know Russia is the beast with Germany and England. We can see from the Bible all their schemes of evil. Come Lord Jesus!

  2. L. Logan

    The last thing the Soviets wanted in WW II was to fight a two front war, one with Nazi Germany in the west and the other with Japan or Red Chinese led forces under Mao! Let Japan fight the Chinese hordes. Some propose Japan be made a member of the five permanent member Security Council and maybe they could if one of the five left the UN!?! The US was more than happy to let the socialist Soviets under Stalin wage the brunt of battle until an invasion by allied forces at Normandy cold be mounted. The US had two great oceans between Nazi socialism fascist Germany and the Japanese Empire of Tojo’s militarist socialist regime. The US knowingly sacrificed a good portion of it’s Pacific fleet at Pearl but saved it’s aircraft carriers and submarine forces to fight off the Japanese while they rebuilt the fleet and counter attack Japan. Russian and Chinese forces fighting the land wars waged in their vast homelands was crucial to defeating Germany and Japan Axis powers. The horrific WWII saw upward estimates of 80 million deaths much of it in Russia, Europe and in the Asian pacific and in China. After the war Stalin purged the USSR and occupied much of the Eastern European nations behind the “Iron Curtain.” Mao likewise purged his nation brutally murdering and driving Chang Kiashek to his island fortress now modern day Tiawan. Nationalist Republic of China was replaced on the permanent securtity council in 1971 by the People’s Republic of China by a majority vote with General Assembly vote on Resolution 2758! The US normalized Sino-American relations with Kissinger and Nixon secret negotiations and agreed to a ONE CHINA POLICY. China has since then grown to an economic world power and stolen intellectual property and military technology to become one of America’s greatest challenges in the Pacific rim and beyond! There is no biblical mention of this super power anyone can definitively point to as being part of Antichrist GREAT DIVERSE BEAST ARISING FROM THE SEA as seen by Daniel and John’s visions that is to rule the world however! The only vague allusion to such an eastern power could be in reveation when the unholy triad of Satan, the Antichrist and False prophet summons the KINGS OF THE EAST and a crossing made way of the Euphrates in the Sixth Bowl call to War at Armageddon as told in Rev. 16:12. China has recently conspired with Russia, Iran, Iraq and ARABIA and India to offer the world a new RESERVE CURRENCY BASED ON OIL AND GOLD, the PETRO YUAN. The power of oil energy fuels the economies of the world. China will remain subservient to it’s energy needs. They cannot survive as an economic export power with out it and neither can they destroy the financial banking power that pays for all the worlds food, energy and goods! Trump has driven a wedge between Russia and China and Arabia. The black gold of oil and wine that nations are drunk on, still is held in the hand of satan’s mistress Mystery Babylon. China is drunk on her witch’s brew. The UN can by resolution seat a nation on the security council and by the same means eliminate the veto power of the Security Council with an elected ruling 10 member Council dispensing with the five and their veto power…if the Five permanent ruling nations don’t like it LEAVE and I think that possible by pass precedent cited in Resolution 2758. Of course the US if it left would demand the UN be removed from it’s territory. The woman mystery of iniquity was placed in a basket and taken by two WOMEN WITH STORKS WINGS TO BABYLONIA! The Russian bear may desire to continue to be drawn back into that land and they will. The US has spent much treasury and spilled much blood and Trump wishes to leave there. All the daughters of Babylon continue their siren call to come to the war at Armageddon, God has put it into their heart to come, to agree with her wicked ways and China and the kings of the East will come as decieved drunks but IT IS TO THE GREAT SUPPER OF GOD where CHRIST SHALL TRAMPLE THEM AS GRAPES IN HIS WINEPRESS OF FURY. Babylon shall come into remembrance of God and the 10 Kings of the UN of ANTICHRIST DISORDER WILL BURN HER WITH FIRE AS SHE ATTEMPTS TO TURN BACK TO THE CHRIST SHE HAS DENIED. Come out of her my people and be NOT a partaker of her sins!