Some Temps This Week Broke Every Record

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Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in Mexico on Wednesday that temperatures in Europe and in Vietnam were “unprecedented” and broke “every record that’s ever been seen.” However, although it was hot that day, he was off the mark.


Speaking at an environmentally-friendly technology event in Mexico City, Kerry said he had just caught a CNN weather report in his hotel and “saw the temperatures around the world right now.”


“Thirty-four degrees centigrade [Celsius] in Vietnam today, in May. Twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-two, thirty-three in places all around Europe,” he said. “Unprecedented. Breaks every record that’s ever been seen.”

Read More: Kerry Says–Wrongly–Some Temps This Week Broke ‘Every Record That’s Ever Been Seen’ | CNS News.

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  1. Ansohn

    I wonder who runs, or wants to lead the world today.United Nations or the White House? Poor Europe anyway compared to the US in all respects.We should not be wrong about who, once again, directs or wants lead the world. Draw the necessary conclusions.

  2. L. Logan

    Isaiah 28:18- Your covenant with death will be annulled; your “agreement” with Sheol (hell) will not stand; when the overwhelming scourge passes through, you will be beaten down by it. This appears to be the 4th seal opening event with the pale (chloros-green) horse rider of DEATH and HELL FOLLOWING of an Islamic Antichrist that controls 1/4 the world population! Some would say this is the “ISLAMIC JIHADI SCOURGE” that is the opening volley of the the Sixth Trumpet War also, which seems to agree with Daniel’s King of the North invading the BEAUTIFUL LAND aided by those Jews who give allegiance to him and possibly the Psalm 83 war and as Daniel declared that DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED UNTO THE END AT THE CONSUMMATION. This king of the north conquers Egypt, a US ally and Phut (Libya) and Cush (Sudan) are at his steps when he hears of rumors to the north (NATO?) possibly as the US attacks him and east (Sunni Arabia), another US ally mobilizes and he rushes back north to Israel to take his stand in the final conflict at Megiddo but he first attacks the TWO WITNESSES AT JERUSALEM AND STARTS TO ANNIHILATE THE JEWS as they have turned against him now believing the Two Witnesses testimony. His forces attack from the north Isaiah 17- and Israel is made lean fighting for survival as Damascus is destroyed from being a city and the Jews cry out to God as the Beast overwhelms them and then… Christ appears in the clouds in glory and Jerusalem is ravaged and devastated by an earthquake as Zechariah prophesied as the resurrection of the dead takes place along with the Two Witnesses and the believers are raptured to meet Christ. The vials of wrath are poured out upon the beasts followers and his country’s seat of authority is darkened. The sixth vial dries up the Euphrates so the KINGS OF THE EAST ARE DRAWN TO MEGIDDO. Those still alive run to the DUMBS deep underground military bunkers in terror of the DAY OF THE LORD but are forced to come out by A GREAT EARTHQUAKE COLLAPSING THEIR HIDEOUTS. Great Hail falls on them as God drives them to the valley of decision. The heavens depart to reveal Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords with the heavenly host behind Him. The Beast and what is left of his forces regroup at Megiddo calling for the nations to come fight for him. Babylonish Rome, the Vatican refuses seeing they have forsaken Christ for the Antichrist and attempts to switch sides and refusing to send their forces to the Beast are burned by fire by the UN ten kings order who have always warred with Christian Europe! Come out of her my people and be not a partaker of her sins of fornication and drunken lust for power! Ezekiel saw this final conflict and names off the ancient tribal names of modern Islamic nations such as Turkey and Persia and possibly central Asian “stan nations in which God punishes them who spoil his people and defile His Holy Mount and shakes heaven and earth that all submit to His rule and confess He is LORD when His enemies are beaten down and crushed as grapes in His winepress! Those Islamic nations who stood by and did nothing to aid Israel and mocked as their people were taken captive and murdered will be punished. God will pour out His Spirit upon them and they will mourn for Him. The law and the word of God shall go out from Jerusalem, from Mt. Zion and the nations shall not learn of war anymore. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

    • Joan Taylor

      Wow, someone has been doing their homework. Just read your 2 messages and will reread them again. Been studying the ENDTIME since 1971 and very blessed to be aware of the fulfilling of prophecies! Many more await until the Millennium, amazed and unfrightened. How wonderful that we will please Him by loving and caring for one another as Jesus has always intended His Church to do!

  3. L. Logan

    “If” the UN is the entity of 10 nations or regions that give their power to the Beast, then the US would have to leave that world governing body if again, it gives sanctuary to the 144,000 during the Beast/Antichrist reign of terror during the 3 1/2 year tribulation. The ten nations/regions would be a reorganized UN security council that no longer had five permanent nations with veto power such as the US now exercises and has used repeatedly to defend Israel from anti semitic resolutions demanding they divide their land for peace. I believe a highly secular Israel will remain in a newly reorganized UN and the Orthodox will AGREE to SIGNING SUCH A DIVIDING OF ISRAEL JUST TO GET THE RIGHT TO SHARE THE TEMPLE MOUNT AND BUILD THE THIRD TEMPLE. The AGREEMENT WITH THE MANY IS WHAT AN ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST PROPOSES and for the sake of defiance of other religions claiming that Judaism is dead, the Orthodox Jew accepts this contrary to the edict of God to never relinquish the land to the heathen. Of course they have denied the Messiah, Jesus, and will recognize the Mahdi of Islam as Messiah as he demands! They will as Christ said betray their brethren Messianic Jews who claim Jesus and kill them when the Beast stops the Orthodox High Priest and Kohen priesthood offering sacrifices to Jehovah God! The US if it is that place prepared by God, that eagle winged nation/man who has been given the heart of a man will defy the Beast and give shelter to the 144,000 and other Jews who receive Christ. The US would leave the UN refusing to surrender it’s sovereignty to such a BEASTLY WORLD GOVERNMENT now slaughtering any who will not worship the god of force (satan) that the Beast recognizes and claims to be his manifestation!!! We would need to see a great revival take hold in America considering the US present immoral society and cultural war against God and the church. If Israel must suffer judgment of a great trial so as they call on Christ, why would God look upon the US any differently!??! If my people called by my name WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES and pray and seek my face and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, THEN WILL I HEAR FROM HEAVEN and HEAL THEIR LAND is often quoted nowadays but few see themselves as having any FAULT OR SIN! Is it not WICKED TO NOT CRY OUT AGAINST SIN, TO WARN SINNERS OF JUDGMENT TO COME AGAINST THE UNGODLY? Their blood is upon the hands of a Laodicean church which is rich and full and has need of nothing; they don’t need the Holy Ghost operating in them or evangelize their community to reach the lost and America has MANY LOST and some sit on pews and stand behind a pulpit spewing sloppy agape and hyper-grace doctrines of let us sin because grace abounds for us. We have salvation let them find it for themselves. That is WICKED!!!