Israel rips U.S. deal with ‘messianic, apocalyptic’ Iran

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon made the comments as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, against the wishes of President Obama, prepares for a trip to Washington next week to explain in an address to both houses of Congress why he is against the negotiations.


As WND reported, the prime minister’s aides have claimed Israel was being left out of the information loop regarding the talks. Their claims were supported by a European official who told the New York Times that U.S. negotiator Wendy Sherman warned him not to share information with the Israelis because “the details could be twisted to undermine a deal.” Since then, Obama administration officials have acknowledged the limiting of information-sharing with Israel.


Currently, negotiators are discussing a compromise of allowing 6,500 centrifuges with strict controls in place for 10 years and a gradual lifting over five years, the Associated Press reported.


The easing could bring the number of centrifuges back up to the current 10,000, the news wire reported.


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