Israel under Hamas rocket attack

July 10, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |  

First Hamas rockets were fired or intercepted Tuesday night, July 8, over Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Givatayim, Raanana, Caesaria and Yavne, as well as southern Israeli cities. No casualties but a house was hit in North Jerusalem. Beyond shooting dozens of rockets, Hamas also made several attempts Tuesday, July 8, to smuggle terrorists into Israel for attacks.


A Hamas naval commando which tried in the afternoon to land from the sea near Ashkelon’s Zikkim beach was repelled by an IDF coast guard. Later, another group of terrorists tried to creep into Israel through a tunnel running under the Kerem Shalom crossing.


This was discovered when a tunnel exploded there under an Israeli military post. A large IDF force backed by tanks raked the entire area with fire in case of a network of hidden tunnels was serving Hamas to secretly transport terrorists to civilian locations in Israel. The people living there were told to stay at home and lock their doors.

Read More: More than half of Israel under Hamas rocket attack – from Beersheba up to Greater Tel Aviv. No casualties. Hamas tries smuggling terrorists in by tunnels and sea.

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  1. Roxanne L Pettigrow

    I greatly appreciate the rapid fire segments, I learn so much and it allows me to pass on that knowledge of Bible prophecy to others, and am a new watcher of The End times. You guys a great. Thanks so much.
    God Bless ✝️,
    Roxanne Pettigrow

  2. Catherine Key

    Loved the The Rapid Fire Biblical Prophecy Update! Please keep me informed on all of these… my email is above… thank you so much.
    Saying prayers for Pastor Irvin Baxter…..So Our Lord gives him the rest he needs to feel better…

  3. Michelle Buth

    Very informative! Explains things in a biblical perspective in which I will use to inform some of my family & friends who are deceived by political propaganda! Thank you!