Is CASH going extinct?

January 5, 2019   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

Pubs, hair salons and restaurants are all turning their backs on notes and coins in favour of contactless card payments

Companies are starting to refuse physical cash as payment as the digital revolution makes notes and coins obsolete.

Many firms around the world are beginning to shun cash in preference for a future dominated entirely by digital currency.

Chain restaurants Sweetgreen and Dig Inn in the US have already stopped accepting cash at nearly all of their locations.

The firms have joined many Starbucks and UK pubs in moving on from the paper notes and metal coins in favour of card and contactless payments.


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3 Responses to “Is CASH going extinct?”

  1. wandakate

    POWER comes in numbers. If more and more people are against this then more and more people need to protest it by paying for their items with CASH. When they asked for your plastic, then you inform them you don’t have any. I don’t own 1 credit card. Many people over 50 prefer case. The younger ones don’t b/c they don’t seem to know what’s it all about anyway, they just go for convenience or follow what all their peers are doing. Those over 50 are smarter and wiser and can refuse and insist on cash. It may not stop the madness and the rush to go plastic but it might halt it for awhile.