Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: ‘Islamic State has tarnished the global image of Islam’

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He explained that Islamic principles are opposed to violence and Islam is founded on principles of peace and compassion. In contrast, extremist groups are borne of “narrow-mindedness and a lack of moderation”, he added.


Mr Rouhani said that Muslim countries needed to be accountable and had been “silent in the face of all the killing and bloodshed” in Syria, Iraq and Yemen for too long.


Iran supports the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has close ties with neighbouring Iraq, and condemns the Islamic State group which fights both governments.The Islamic Republic is also an ally of the Houthi movement which seized control of most of Yemen last year and has fought a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia for nine months. Iran has been involved in broad talks on how to restore peace to Syria and tackle the problem of IS.


Mr Rouhani has also expressed a personal commitment to ending Iran’s decade-long diplomatic and economic isolation and has been vocal about wanting to hold talks with the US on how to solve the Syrian conflict.


In an effort to improve relations with the west, Rouhani recently accepted an invitation for a state visit to Europe, the first in a decade, and had meetings with Prime Minister David Cameron and UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to discuss lifting sanctions on Iran in spring 2016.


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