Human Rights Watch Makes Up International Law for Israel — Yet Again

Human Rights Watch called on Israeli banks to halt the financing of settlement activity in the West Bank, arguing that the legal justification they use for doing business there isn’t valid.Israel’s five biggest banks, led by Bank Hapoalim Ltd. and Bank Leumi Le-Israel Ltd., are contributing “to serious human rights and international humanitarian law abuses” by financing construction in the settlements, the New York-based group said in a report published on Wednesday.“Israeli banks are making existing settlements more sustainable, enabling the expansion of their built-up area and the take-over of Palestinian land, and furthering the de-facto annexation of the territory,” the report said.The headline is slightly misleading, but HRW is still making up its own version of international law for Israel — and applying another version for the rest of the world.Here is what HRW says about the legality of what Israeli banks do:Israeli banks would have a responsibility in all circumstances to seek ways to honor the principles of internationally recognized human rights.And:Settlements are unlawful under international humanitarian law. …International humanitarian law forbids an occupying power from using land except for military purposes or for the benefit of the local population living under occupation.If HRW was serious about Israeli banks having the “responsibility” to honor principles of internationally-recognized human rights, it would say that no company can do business in any country that engages in alleged human rights abuses.Yet, according to HRW — and every other human rights organization —  virtually every country is guilty of human rights abuses. And, of course, most of these countries have committed unspeakable crimes as compared to Israel.Yet only Israel has such a uniquely evil system called “settlements” that even domestic companies must divest from them.


Source: Human Rights Watch Makes Up International Law for Israel — Yet Again | Jewish & Israel News

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