House vote alleges Obama hid Iran nuke documents

House members approved a resolution, 245 to 186, accusing President Obama of failing to provide Congress with all the documents pertaining to the nuclear deal with Iran, in violation of a law giving lawmakers the right of review.

It was a party line vote, with Republicans in part taking cues from a widely reported Washington, D.C., rally – fueled by the attendance of conservative powerhouses like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – to oppose the deal.


Rep. Peter Roskam, co-chairman of the House Republican Israel Caucus, pressed a proposal to delay votes on the Iran pact until Obama aides provide lawmakers with the text of the side deals that were forged between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Hill reported. Those agreements set forth the specifics of inspections of suspected Iran sites by international watchdogs.


The resolution targets the White House, but as the Hill reported, the IAEA commonly keeps the documentation from its private deals confidential.


But Republicans aren’t happy with that situation and want the White House to present them with what was forged.


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