‘Historic flooding’ wreaking havoc in Nebraska

The state’s emergency management office said Nebraska is fighting to deal with “historically catastrophic conditions statewide.”

Nebraska is nearly underwater. Historic flooding, coupled with some unfortunate disasters, including a levee breaking near Fremont and a dam breaking along the Niobrara River on Thursday, has caused severe damage and water to inundate to the state beginning earlier this week.

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, along with several partner agencies, continue to work to mitigate damage and provide resources to those hardest hit by the storm.

For those hoping to donate, please be wary that scammers will start many fraudulent charities hoping to capitalize on the destruction. The state has begun the Nebraska/Southwest Iowa Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund – to donate, head to this link. At that link, you’ll find ways to help, from volunteering to donating blood or money.

MORE: https://www.13newsnow.com/article/weather/severe-weather/historic-flooding-wreaking-havoc-in-nebraska/73-7b091d48-61fe-4d01-b69c-f65e5c1590b3?fbclid=IwAR0RPNErFM0jOnYjSaypOXZv6yByOr54xY0n3eLXVV0QyrVWqSlQ6MhgfXw

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