Germany, France ‘optimistic’ on having plan for EU reforms by June

The finance ministers of Germany and France have reaffirmed their intention to present a plan for reforming the Eurozone by this summer.”France and Germany have the same goal: a more robust and strongly integrated Eurozone,” France’s Bruno Le Maire said Saturday in Sofia at an informal meeting of EU finance ministers.A joint plan should be issued in May or June, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said. “We are optimistic that we will be successful.”Germany and France have pledged to deliver a reform road map in time for a European Union summit in June.French President Emmanuel Macron laid out series of wide-reaching ideas last year for strengthening economic and financial cooperation in Europe, including something like a Eurozone budget. Macron’s proposals came as he believes the EU will need reform in order to get over the shock of Brexit.The proposals offered by Macron have been met with caution – and in some cases opposition – from bureaucrats in Germany’s governing coalition parties.


Source: Germany, France ‘optimistic’ on having plan for EU reforms by June – Daily Sabah

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