Error in major climate study revealed – warming NOT higher than expected

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A major new climate study in the journal Nature got worldwide media coverage for finding that the oceans warmed dramatically faster than previously thought — but now the researchers have retracted that conclusion after a man in the United Kingdom blogged about flaws he discovered in the paper.

Just two weeks after publication, the study authors have revised their paper, and now conclude that the oceans are warming fast — but at the same rate as other measurements have found.

A study co-author took responsibility for the error. “I accept responsibility for these oversights because it was my role to ensure that details of the measurements were correctly understood and taken up by coauthors,” study co-author Ralph Keeling wrote in an explanation of the revision.

The error was first discovered by Nic Lewis, a retired British man who holds a bachelors degree in math from the University of Cambridge and who reads science papers for fun. He has also written a couple of published papersof his own on climate science.


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6 Responses to “Error in major climate study revealed – warming NOT higher than expected”

  1. This climate change should be the coming of the “desolation of abomination set up” prophesied by Daniel, an apocalyptic time of tribulation. where the vanished of glaciers are giving way to the depletion of all the melted waters to the oceans, so leaving the drought lands for a season. on the dried lands of this planet, and restarted after that again.
    There was a gap of quiet time about the events of Israel and prophecies in the holy scriptures, a short season of 442 years after the captivity of Jewish-Israeli by Babylonians which was informed by an angel to Daniel, right after the Kingdom of Med-Persians overcame the kingdom of Babylon. There were about 3570 years since the creation of Adam, so about 1656 years until the flood of Noah and about 1914 years since the flood until the finished of the captivity, a total of 3570 years.
    In first year of the king Darius of Persia, Daniel was revealed through his visions, about the future of Israel, and the coming, and the cutoff of the Messiah, ( and after 62 weeks Messiah shall be cutoff ) which was definitely understood from the birth of Jesus until his crucifixion, considering that the Lord was 33 years in earth, as the son of man.
    The prophecy of Luke 3:1 ” In the fifteen year of the king Tiberius Caesar” Who reigned from 14ad as his first year of reign til 37ad, make us know that in his fifteenth year of reign of Tiberius was the 29ad when John the Baptist began his ministry, and logically a year later, by 30ad John baptized Jesus, and after three year of Passover, he was Crucified.
    So this should the an affirmative prophecy of Daniel of the three scores and two weeks or 62 weeks, which means 33 years, and we can see as a pattern of years to decipher the the rest of the weeks prophesied by Daniel( 70 weeks equal to 37 years, and 762 weeks equal to 405 years) so there are about 442 years which fitted the gape between the finished captivity until the coming of the messiah. and the 33ad began the era of the Crucifixion. and about 6030 years until this present years, since the creation of Adam. By 2033 should be the second millennium of the Crucifixion.
    The scriptures in the last book of the New Testament tell us about the time of tribulations before the last millennium. so if we consider that the world could be created for about 7000 years, so we should very close to a catastrophic tribulation time. Peter says for the Lord a day is as a thousand years.
    The generation of the Lord prophesied by Isiah 49:8 ” and who shall declare his generation” This must be Daniel’s prophecy about the 62 weeks, so equal to 33 years, a complete generation.
    The scriptures says that everything that we see are temporary. but we believers in the Lord are running to gain an eternal life.

    • David Shuler

      We’re actually closer than that. In answer to a prayer on the morning of Friday November 13, 2015 (11/13/15), God revealed to me the year of the return of our Lord and Savior to be 2028. We just entered into the final 10 years. God has also revealed this truth to others around the world. Books have been written and there’s even been an online movie made about Jesus returning in 2028. God is getting folks ready. We have great work ahead of us. Now is the time to get as close to God as you can. Turn your back on the pagan world and talk to GOD EVERY DAY.