EPA Boss Urges School Kids to “Bug” Parents on Green Agenda

In a new propaganda talk presented in classrooms across America, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) boss Gina McCarthy (shown) urged school children to become part of the “climate solution,” take a government “pledge,” and even “bug” their families to jump on the Obama administration’s “green” bandwagon. If those students enjoy math and numbers, the top environmental bureaucrat said she wants them to go work for the EPA — so they can help calculate the “carbon footprint” of Americans. “We have lots of people working here that do that type of work,” McCarthy explained.


The bizarre EPA climate propaganda in the classroom meshes well with Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s repeated pledges to transform American school children into “green” and “global” citizens ready for “green jobs” in the new, “sustainable” world order. Critics of McCarthy’s antics, however, were not amused, with one equating the EPA intrusion to Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin’s tactics.


The man-made global-warming alarmism is extraordinarily controversial. Former NASA climatologist Roy Spencer famously referred to vicious climate alarmists as “global warming Nazis,” saying they threaten liberty and humanity. Other leading scientists in the field, such as MIT meteorology professor emeritus Richard Lindzen, have called climate alarmists a “cult” for refusing to adjust their faith despite the evidence. Even the United Nations’ top global-warming guru, forced out recently after being arrested for sex crimes, boasted that his mission was actually his “religion.” Just 40 percent of Americans, meanwhile, believe the man-made global-warming theory, according to a Pew poll released last year. And the evidence discrediting the theory keeps piling up by the day.


But none of that stopped the EPA from invading your child’s classroom to propagate the controversial climate faith without so much as parental consent. On October 27, in a national event that was ignored by the establishment press but highlighted by ClimateDepot.com, the EPA chief participated in a carefully orchestrated “live discussion” with school children all across America. It took place under the guise of having impressionable young Americans in government schools “celebrate National Energy Awareness Month” and “ENERGY STAR® Day,” as the EPA put it. And yes, those are real things.


Central to the bizarre event was encouraging children to sign the EPA’s “Energy Star Pledge” and hand over their contact information to the bureaucracy for future propaganda programming. But there were a lot of “green” messages for the children to take home with them — literally.


“There is so much you can do to become part of the climate solution,” McCarthy told children, without any hint of discussion on what the alleged climate “problem” in need of a “climate solution” might be. “I think the greatest part about the pledge for young people, and when old people take it cause we’ve had 4.3 million people take this pledge already, and we want you to take it too.”


The “host” of the propaganda program noted that that was a “big” number. “Well, that’s because we need everybody,” McCarthy responded. And by “everybody,” she really means everybody — including parents of the children subjected to the inappropriate propaganda during school hours.


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