Doctor ousted for talking about risks of LGBT behavior

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The decision by the board of directors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center regarding Dr. Paul Church, who also is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, was reported by Mass Resistance, a team of activists who have been monitoring the long-running case.


WND recently reported the board was holding a hearing on Church’s future after he appealed his dismissal for citing federal government statistics about the dangers of homosexual activity.


He had been on the staff of the Boston hospital for nearly 30 years before his removal, which was triggered by his reference to government statistics showing that the “gay” lifestyle poses deadly health risks.


Church earlier described the campaign against him as “almost a fascist effort at mind control.”


The facts, he contends, are on his side.


“Outlasting the Gay Revolution” spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values counter attacks on our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience by homosexual activists


“Although it has declined over the past few decades, two-thirds of all new HIV/AIDS infections in the U.S. are the result of men having sex with men. Fifty percent of ‘gay’ men will be infected with HIV by age 50. Those numbers are out there and they are staggering,” he said.


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