“Deal of the century” or a plan doomed to failure?

The Americans are working on a “peace plan” based on the way Americans, not Middle Eastern people, think. And Iranian Minister Zarif’s resignation may be a sign of coming Iranian collapse.

The entire Middle East, with baited breath, awaits the unveiling of Trump’s Peace Plan, the plan his advisers have been working on for almost two years.

Jared Kushner was interviewed several days ago for UK Sky News in Arabic and expressed the hope that the “deal of the century” would be achieved by using what he called a “new approach,” to the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict.  He said that the plan is an attempt to advance “just and practical solutions” to the various issues at the center of the conflict, while adapting them to the conditions prevailing in 2019.

He stressed that “The political plan, which is very detailed, is really about establishing borders and resolving final status issues.” Kushner expressed the hope that a single Palestinian government would be established and connect Gaza with Judea and Samaria.

“Although there is geographic discontinuity between  the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, we would like to see them under one leadership. The Palestinians want a non-corrupt government that takes care of their interests.”

SOURCE: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/23525

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