Blame Climate Change

Add Ebola and Islamic extremism to the list. Is there anything not caused by climate change?

By Rick Brinegar


You name it, whether it’s beached walruses, rising sea levels, mass extinctions, societal collapse, or “thermageddon,” all the bad things you can think of have been caused by man-made climate change, according to the “man-made global warming” consensus. But, would you believe it, in the news today, we have to add Ebola and Islamic extremism to the list of things perpetrated by the climate change culprit.


Ebola is a “direct consequence” of manmade climate change, according to an October 16th posting on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website. Also, CNS news reports today that John Kerry believes that one of the major causes of Islamic extremism, in addition to poverty and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is, you guessed it, climate change.


Everyone knows that polar bears are threatened by climate change, right? When they were put on the United States Endangered Species list in in 2008, it was largely because they were perceived to be threatened by global warming. Well, according to a September 28, 2013 Daily Mail article, many polar bear populations worldwide are now stable, if not increasing. A village administrator on Barter Island at the edge of the Arctic said, “This has been a great year for the bears. They are fat, happy and healthy…I’ve lived here all my life and there are more bears every year. I read stories about polar bears being on the brink of extinction because of global warming, look out of my window and start to laugh.”


Breitbart amused readers in September of this year with an article entitled, “Extinct’ Snail Killed by ‘Climate Change’ Crawls Back from the Dead.” It seems that the first and only species reported to have been made extinct by climate change had been found alive and well on the Indian Ocean atoll of Aldabra. “The report of my death,” as the snail could have quoted Mark Twain, “was an exaggeration.”


Think about it. Is it possible that we shouldn’t be so quick to blame everything we don’t like on man-made climate change?