Benjamin Netanyahu heads to US to push for $50b. military aid package

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to leave for Washington on Sunday in hopes of securing a decadelong, $5 billion a year military aid package to help Israel defend itself against Iran and other regional threats.


On Monday, US President Barack Obama plans to host Netanyahu at the White House for their first face-toface meeting in a year.


The interim 12 months have been most acrimonious in the seven-year relationship between the two leaders, whose perceived personal dislike has been elevated to the level of diplomatic legend.


Netanyahu and Obama exchanged continuous barbs over the Iran deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear weapons, which the prime minister believes to be an historic mistake that only strengthens Iran’s military and atomic capacity.


But now that the deal is in place, the Obama-Netanyahu meeting is intended to heal some of that rift and to focus on the day after, by looking at a way the two long-standing allies can strengthen their military cooperation.


“This will be a crucial meeting [between] our two administrations,” an Israeli official said.


“No one should underestimate the fact that both our political and security establishments, with the differences we had in recent times, still continue to work [together] very closely and very intimately and very frequently,” the official said.


Both governments are clear on one thing, “that Israel and America are fundamental and strategic allies that share the same interests and values.


“I am sure this will be reinforced next week as the PM conducts his visit in Washington,” the official said.


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